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You’ve taken the first step in investigating the ideal alignment of your strengths, personality, experience and education with career options. Next you’ll want support and guidance in navigating change so that you reach your goals with confidence, clarity and coherence. Coaching is the perfect support for strategy and inspiration as you upgrade your life in all domains – from career to communications, relationships, health, happiness and abundance. The upside of our global cultural moment is the age of integration. At our best, we achieve integrity and wholeness in all of the major domains of life so that our mind, heart, body and spirit are all aligned with our deepest values and our greatest sense of personal purpose and contribution.

GamePlan4Life is the ideal guide for personalized coaching as you embark on your Hero’s Journey to upgrade your life as you step up to your new career calling. For the trials and occasional confrontations and dark nights of the soul that come with transformational change, we all need the coaching and support of someone who has been there and who guide us, through our own wisdom and strengths, to the most direct path to success.

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