Introduction to Creative Writing

A course to help beginning writers find their writing voice and to inspire experienced writers with writing exercises.

Accounting Skills for Managers

The essential accounting concepts that every business owner or manager needs to know.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing

Learn Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing basics to set up your passive income stream step by step Video course

New Teacher's Guide to the First Month of School

Learn what to do in the first month of school to ensure success for the rest of the year.

Computer Security and Internet Safety Fundamentals

Learn how to safeguard your computers and laptops, keep your digital data secure, and protect your online privacy in this beginner's guide to cybersecurity. See how to prevent malware, viruses, and security breaches on your computers and networks.

Customer Service Training

Make your customers feel valued. Learn how to deliver outstanding customer service and keep them coming back to your business.

Database Management System

Understand the core concepts every IT professional should know to start working with databases.

Finance Fundamentals

Learn how to create a cashflow forecast and how to budget - transferable skills for both business and personal finance

Introduction to Data Warehouse and Teradata Basics

Excellent overview on core components Data Warehousing system & where does Teradata Database fits in this Architecture.

A Practical Intro to Java Using Games

A fun and creative introduction to Java Programming that will actually teach you the fundamentals