Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety Practicing a Simple Meditation

Rid yourself from the burden of stress and anxiety with this practical easy meditation technique and get results fast.

Math Proofs 101: Mathematical Structures, Sets And Logic

Learn How To Deductively Prove Any Mathematical Fact! Realize The True Nature Of Mathematics From A New Perspective!

Food Tour Business: How to Create Your Own Culinary Tour

The Ultimate Foodie Experience - Build a Home Based Business Catering to Food Lovers While You Earn Big Profits!

Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction

An interactive course introducing prospective undergraduates to the methodologies, models, and history of anthropology

Certified Massage Course, Myofascial Energetic Release

This massage training teach how to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to give great massage to your clients.

How to Make Money as a DIY Musician

4 Steps to promote your music by Creating Awareness, Engaging with Fans & making money by Converting Attention to Sales

Stand Against Violence - Street Safety for Young Adults.

Make young adults aware of the risks and consequences of street violence. 50% of all course profits donated to charity

Leadership, Management & Entrepreneurship in the 21 Century

Combining leadership, management entrepreneurship skills, discover the 21 Principles of 21st Century Leadership.