Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Receive an introduction to Ethical Hacking and its various concepts.

How to Build Money-Making Websites from Scratch

Web design made easy - learn web design and how to make money online by working on a project that combines both!

Integrating Technology into Education

Learn how to teach with technology & Keep yourself up-to-date with latest tech tools designed for teachers and educators

Human Resources 101: How to Make Employees Happy

Salaries, incentives and bonus structures an economic analysis for beginners

Insights from a College Career Coach

Career confidence boosters for professionals in various industries on how to be career confident on an ongoing basis.

Google Webmaster Tools

Learn Google Webmaster Tools to optimize your websites for google. Google webmaster tool is one of the powerful tool.

Digital Photography: Introduction to Lighting

Learn the basics of lighting through an introduction to the primary types and qualities of light.

GoPro for Beginners: How to Shoot & Edit Video with a GoPro

The complete guide to shooting and editing video with any GoPro camera. Learn the camera & how to edit in GoPro Studio.

Software Quality Assurance

This program is designed for Software Quality Control and Assurance Manager, Project Manager and Software Development Team Member who is interested in increasing the likelihood of project success. The course looks at software quality control and assurance processes and practices, as well as support disciplines such as software project management, software configuration management and release management. Successful software quality assurance is the result of the combination and integration of these practices, and complements SE practices.

How to Write Converting Headlines & Ads to Sell

Discover advertising secrets to making ads and headlines that sell your products: generate more leads & sales!