Public Speaking for Business and Education

Learn how to deliver clear and consistent messages when speaking in public.

Gamification in Education

a K-12 teacher s guide for implementation

Lean Finance for Startups - Introduction

This is the intro version of Lean Finance for Startups. Understand how Facebook makes money.

Basics of Business Finance

Basic Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Using Excel to build Financials

Build Financial Models & Value Companies The Easy Way

I am an award winning finance professor with work experience modeling companies @Goldman Sachs, hedge fund Citadel VC.

Learn To Speak "Medicine" And Start Your Healthcare Career

Learn medical terminology from a nurse practitioner with over 20 years in the healthcare industry! Learn by listening!

Fundamentals of Healthcare Communication

You will learn how to effectively communicate with your patients, families and coworkers.

Hiring & Managing Performance to Build a Great Team

Learn what it takes to get the best out of people and turn employees into your company champions

Human Resources Excellency Program 1

Human Resources Excellency - How to get and keep your winning team (Program 1)

Human Resources Excellency Program 2

How to avoid the Pitfalls and Piranhas: Managing a diverse and ever-changing workforce (Program 2)