How can I pursue a more fulfilling career ASAP?

By now, you have likely heard just about everything there is to about the M-word – money. How it makes the world go round, how it doesn’t grow on trees… all of those familiar money maxims.

But what about the other M-word? That’s right, there is another and, while not as popular as the former, some believe it to be more important in their lives.


So is meaning in life as important as money? 

And are the two mutually exclusive?

Well, it basically comes down to a consideration of value, though not necessarily measured in dollars and cents. In other words, what is the value of identifying and embarking upon a career path that not only suits your personality and skill set, but also ignites your passion?

And who says you can’t make money at your ideal career?

First things first. There are some definitive steps you can take to begin realizing your ideal career. Step Number 1 is to sign up for a free self-assessment and identify where your passion lies. This is a critical step in establishing an honest and useful foundation of who you are, what you have to offer, and what fills your life path with purpose and meaning.

Once you fully recognize your strengths and unique characteristics, Step Number 2 is to map out an appropriate Game Plan to get you on your way. If life, indeed, is a contact sport, then you owe it to yourself to get in the game with a plan, one that effectively takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Step Number 3 is to locate an effective and personalized coach to guide you along your way. Having a knowledgeable, resourceful and clear minded perspective on your career plight is a great asset in navigating today’s complex society, especially given you can engage such an expert with a free consultation. These personalized coaches can assist you with matching your personality and needs to your ideal profession and lifestyle while fully considering the two M-words (money & meaning) and their significance to your goals.

All things considered, there is certainly nothing wrong with aspiring to a lifetime of abundance of both money and meaning.

However, there would be something wrong with refraining from these empowering steps to get you there.