The career path not chosen

So you’ve been out of school a few years and, for some reason, you’re feeling like your life is out of sync. It’s almost like you’re living someone else’s life or, at least, heading down a path you are not totally comfortable with.

You might want to consider this as the source of your troubles: Maybe you are working someone else’s career.

That’s right, maybe you are forging a career path that is really not right for you. Or working a job that is inconsistent with your personality and who you are.

Sure, right about now, you’re likely glaring at your screen, a bit annoyed, thinking, “Well, okay, maybe you’re right, but I’ve got bills to pay… and in case you didn’t know, there are these little things called student loans?!?”

Well before you go off on the messenger, you also may want to consider there might just be a solution to your problem, one close by that you can access today that will bring you closer to your ideal career.

And although it may not cover your rent or student loans by next week, it is a free solution you can begin immediately that could change how much career fulfillment you enjoy as you’re paying them off.

It’s basically a very cool way of quickly finding out what career path is ideal for your skills, personality and talents. Just spare 20 minutes of your precious time to sign up and take this free self-assessment that could literally change the direction of your life in minutes.

And your student loans are no excuse for not doing so since they’ll still be there 20 minutes from now.

But maybe the stress over your current career path won’t.